DN Telehealth integrates Temasys WebRTC platform into telemedicine solution

Digital Noema Telehealth (DN Telehealth) has integrated embedded real-time communications WebRTC platform with DN Telehealth´s white label telemedicine solutions, the company said.

DN Telehealth makes use of Temasys´ secure messaging, screen sharing, and archiving capabilities by creating a healthcare delivery offering.

The company platform offers the convenience of telemedicine within the context of a fully integrated clinic management, care coordination and remote patient monitoring. DN Telehealth accomplishes this by connecting to more than 260 available medical devices and being accessible to core health care providers that make up the ecosystem.

DN Telehealth maximizes collaboration compatibility for its clients and their patients, in real-time, extending consultations beyond a physical clinical setting to include fully secure, web browser-based conferencing sessions in which the patient, clinicians, and other caregivers can all participate in the care of a particular patient, in a fully HIPAA-compliant online environment.

Digital Noema Telehealth a provider of telemedicine/telehealth white label solutions specializing in managed care private & specialty practices and remote patient monitoring.

Temasys Communications is a platform as a service (PaaS) company with offices in Singapore and Palo Alto, Calif., providing APIs and SDKs to enable embedded real-time communications (ERTC) based upon WebRTC.