DJI launches new social search, discovery mobile app

Commercial drone manufacturer DJI has launched a new social platform called “DJI+ Discover.”

Users can access DJI+ Discover via an iOS or Android app. The mobile app connects people socially and professionally by enabling drone-pilots and drone enthusiasts to start conversations and meet up while also functioning as a professional marketplace for aerial service providers and potential clients. Further, the app is a gateway to the broader DJI community, including an integrated version of the DJI Forum, the DJI online store, SkyPixel, upcoming DJI events and more.

The app is divided into four sections: Nearby Search, Experience, Store and Forum. Users sign up by registering an email address. Their profile can be linked to an existing DJI account.

The app is open to anyone – from those curious about the technology without any previous experience to professional service providers.

DJI develops and makes drone and camera technology for commercial and recreational use.