DJI, AirMap deliver RT wildfire awareness, geofencing capabilities for drones

DJI and AirMap have added real-time wildfire alerts to their geofencing data to help keep unauthorized drones from interfering with firefighting operations, the companies said.

AirMap obtains wildfire information directly from the US Department of the Interior´s incident command system and immediately pushes it to drone pilots through AirMap´s iOS and web apps, AirMap´s API, and the GEO geofencing system included in the DJI GO flight control app. This data is more current and includes more active wildfires than temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) published by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

DJI said unauthorized drones near wildfires can pose a hazard to firefighting airplanes and helicopters, and in some cases they have forced aerial firefighting operations to be suspended. AirMap´s wildfire alerts are designed to help drone operators understand the hazards and restrictions near them when deciding whether it is safe to fly.

The Department of the Interior records 300 new wildfires each day during summer fire season, rising above 500 new fires on the busiest days. The vast majority of wildfires start and spread faster than the time it takes to communicate and post the hazard as a TFR.

AirMap is a provider of airspace intelligence and navigation services to unmanned aircraft.

DJI develops and manufactures drone and camera technology for commercial and recreational use.