Dive Delivery launches last-mile drone delivery of essential goods in California

Dive Delivery has announced it has received permission from the FAA to perform drone deliveries using off-the-shelf drones equipped with drop mechanisms to conduct visual line of sight (VLOS) deliveries of face masks and other lightweight items to residential backyards, the company said.

Residents of San Mateo and Contra Costa counties in California can now sign up to participate in the trials, and Dive Delivery will send out a Part 107-certified remote pilot to first conduct a test flight without any cargo.

After a successful test, the certified remote pilot will affix a lightweight package to the drone and conduct the actual delivery drop flight. Customers will be notified before and immediately after the operation to ensure they do not walk under the drone at any time.

Dive Delivery, a d/b/a of Airzus, Inc., is a delivery service focusing on residential and commercial sUAS (i.e. drone) delivery.