Distillery launches SoapBox, Circle, CIZO apps

Distillery, a full-service software development company based in Santa Monica, has launched three new successful apps, all currently available in the App Store, the company said.

SoapBox came to Distillery with a vision of creating a space for people to effortlessly monetize their social presence through combining aspects of social networking and e-commerce applications.

The team created the app as a revolutionary social platform where users can post items they already use and love and be compensated by brands as a result. Seamless functionality enables users to post as they normally do on social channels, with the newest update streamlining the buying process to allow for quicker transactions.

CIZO came to Distillery after another agency failed to deliver a successful product. With a poor understanding of the target demographic, they produced a prototype that underperformed during usability testing. Distillery´s task was to build a video platform running a continuous feed of official, bleeding-edge content in a clean and accessible format.

The app was designed to have a seamless experience and to deliver content in an engaging way without distracting the user with an over complicated interface.

Circle gives its subscribers everything needed to know about their potential new roommate. The application helps you find friends and “friends of friends” who are also looking for a roommate in your city. The user simply scrolls through the results and “circles” someone who is of interest to them. If the interest is mutual, then the two users can chat to find out if they are a good match. Circle is the world´s first social network for finding a roommate– so why live with a stranger if you don´t have to?

Distillery is a full-service software development company founded in 2012.