Discuss.io opens UK office

Online enabler of consumer connections, Discuss.io has expanded its global presence with its first UK office in London, the company said.

The office will be led by market research technology specialist Tariq Mirza, Managing Director, Europe. Mirza was formerly employed by Kinesis Survey Technologies as MD for Europe, before its recent acquisition. He has more than twenty-three years of experience in market research software sales and development with Quantime, Voxco and Nebu.

This additional location enables Discuss.io to better support its UK and Europe-based clients, as well as engage new prospective customers in the region.

Discuss.io enables brands to make better business decisions by engaging directly with consumers through real-time conversations. Using video conferencing, brands are able to connect face-to-face, online, in order to achieve a rapid and deep-seated understanding of consumer perspectives and behaviors. This “agile empathy” encourages brands to make better real-time decisions, to reduced time-to-market, successful products, and more effective marketing.

The Discuss.io proprietary platform erases geographic barriers, expanding brands´ global reach and equipping them with a cultural and contextual understanding of the consumer populations that they target. Today, Discuss.io is powering consumer connections and empathy programs at many of the world´s brands.