Dimer partners with Honeywell to bring germicidal UV lighting product line to airlines

Dimer LLC has announces it has partnered with Honeywell International Inc. to bring GermFalcon, its germicidal UV lighting technology to the aerospace industry, the company said.

The arrangement brings Dimer´s 6-year development of GermFalcon, now branded as the Honeywell UV Cabin System, to global aviation. This partnership will separately enable Dimer to further commercialize and deploy its germicidal UV technology platform known as UVHammer for healthcare. This breakthrough application of germicidal UV is expected to benefit public transportation, education, hospitality, buildings, theaters and arenas, and small businesses alike.

Dimer is an innovator in germicidal UV light technologies to reduce pathogens in healthcare, transportation and shared spaces. Although limited testing has been done specifically as to effectivity against COVID-19, clinical tests show that, properly applied, germicidal UV light can reduce various bacteria and viruses on exposed surfaces. The technology is non-toxic, uses no chemicals and is sustainable.

Dimer expects to bring the UVHammer to market for a multitude of non-Aerospace vertical applications in July.

Dimer LLC invents cutting-edge germicidal UV light disinfection systems.