Digital services allow for complete communication automation

A unique connection between telecom services and daily task automation has been made by Shango via its Integrated Digital Services Platform and the Shango Actions mobile app.

This revolutionary solution syncs multiple business-relevant applications, saving time and crucial data such as call logs, text messages, pictures, contact information, and calendar events automatically into users´ web services of choice. Immediate benefits of the Shango solution, such as increased productivity and secure storage of data have already been witnessed by large-scale global operators.

Shango has released this PaaS solution, which uses an API-based cloud digital services platform to integrate telecom services with mobile and web applications, creating a unique business method for saving and tracking valuable information.

Shango was founded in 2013 with the vision of unifying Applications, Services, Developers and Communication Networks so that end users are ultimately more successful doing the things that inspire them. Housed in the beautiful western hills of Austin, Texas, the Shango team has a strong track record of technology-led innovation.