Digital Global Systems reports trial of drone threat management system at UK Bristol airport

Digital Global Systems (DGS) has announced the trial of its CLEARSKy Drone Threat Management system at Bristol (UK) Airport, the company said.

In collaboration with deployment partners, Telent and Airpoint International, DGS will provide a market-leading network capable of providing detection, classification, and location of unauthorized drones and controllers operating in the flight restriction zones.

CLEARSKY offers counter-drone systems, detecting and classifying drone threats. This approach delivers detection distances with classification and critical location information provided in a timely fashion. By combining machine learning techniques and DGS´ strength in wireless signals management, CLEARSKY provides unparalleled accuracy and reliability in the detection process.

Digital Global Systems (DGS), headquartered in Tysons, VA, specializes in providing rapid detection of individual Radio Frequency signals and classification of their unique attributes to create near real time actionable knowledge for security and asset protection. Our products can be operated in stand-alone mode or as nodal networks spanning entire continents.