Digital Debit Group forms Digital Debit Consortium

The Digital Debit Group, in management by Qondado LLC (a B2B provider of FinTech solutions) has formed a Digital Debit Group Consortium IP Pool, the company said.

The Digital Debit Group is the senior patent pool in the United States for network tokenization (used to deter transaction fraud) as practiced in systems utilizing the EMVCo and TCH-RTP Tokenization specification standards.

The mission of the consortium is to commercialize and make available, a one-stop location for the licensing of patents and trademarks associated with FI B2C products developed with the consortium provided Digital Debit UAF SDK.

The consortium´s IP pool is currently accepting submission from intellectual property owners, FI member applicants and investors worldwide with patents, registered trademarks, and copyrighted software complementing the Digital Debit Group´s FinTech tokenization and mobile interests. Accepted IP assets into the pool will leverage the expertise and established IP foundation of the Digital Debit Group to generate revenue for pool holders and benefit from an established path of communication to policy makers, the financial services industry, and technology providers.

The Digital Debit Group provides a patented payment interface and universally recognizable trademarks such as Digital Debit and Digital Credit. Similar to the emergence of the credit card design of the 1960´s as standard, the group´s innovative Digital Debit UAF SDK and associated product brands deliver worldwide uniformity to the digital payment experience.

Qondado is the assigned managing partner of the Digital Debit Consortium. It was founded in 2015 as a provider of easy to use cyber security products for user verification and access authorization. The company focuses on finding solutions to industry security needs and creating consumer friendly brands to market products for maximum adoption.