Digi.me raises BPS4.2m in Series A funding round

The social app Digi.me has secured BPS4.2m (USD6.1m) from Series A funding led by global re-insurer Swiss Re, the company said.

With the new funds digi.me said it plans to accelerate the launch of its unique permissioned access platform, which will soon let users bring together wide-ranging data such as health and financial information and share it with businesses in exchange for personalised services, convenience or reward.

Digi.me´s current version of the app, which gathers pictures and posts from the major social media networks, already has over 400,000 users in 140 countries. It proved that aggregating personal data streams achieves personal insight that is impossible to get when that data is scattered across the web.

Digi.me has now raised BPS7.1 million (USD10.2 million) since launching in 2009.