Difference between budget tyres and premium tyres

While buying new tyres, you may have asked yourself a very basic question “how much do I want to spend on my tyres?” The answer to this basically lies on the fact that whether you want to buy budget tyres or premium car tyres. Both kinds are specifically designed for motorists with different budgets, driving styles and driving conditions. So, which one should you go for? As overwhelming as this decision can be, Dartford Tyres have gathered a basic guide that will help you in going with the best choice for you!

Are budget tyres the right choice for travelling on the highway? We will have to say no. If you’re someone who travels a lot and therefore is looking for high-performance tyres, then budget tyres are not the right option for you. Although budget tyres are subjected to rigorous testing and are required to meet a certain safety standard before they are sold, they will not perform as well as premium car tyres on highways. Premium tyres are a product of an extensive research and technological innovations. These tyres perform well on different road conditions and offer maximum safety as well as comfort.  Therefore, if you are an experienced driver, who’s looking for tyres that can withstand wear even after long journeys, we will suggest you to opt for premium tyres.

However, if you’re looking forward to saving some money and getting the job done at the same time, opt for budget tyres. For someone who’s driving through the city on a regular basis, who doesn’t require or demand much rolling resistance from their tyres and who doesn’t want to settle for part worn tyres at the same time, budget tyres will prove to be the right choice! Therefore, despite the negative connotations, we believe that budget tyres are the best solution when motorists are short on cash, but are looking for reliable and authentic tyres for short local journeys. Need a recommendation? Dartford Tyres offer a wide range of cheap tyres online, best suited for your budget and driving style!

To sum it up, either one can be a right choice, depending on factors like what you expect from your tyres and what kind of a tyre will suit your driving style. However, if you’re still struggling to pick one, get in touch with Dartford Tyres. They will guide and help you in understanding whether budget or premium tyres will be the right choice for you.