Diamlemos Shipping using Cisco solution to support ships

Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) said that the Diamlemos Shipping Corp. has decided to implement a unique telecommunications solution that is specifically designed for the shipping industry: SmartBox-V.

The SmartBox-V is an integrated bundle of Software and quality Services from Setel running on a Cisco blade server which is hosted within a Cisco modular 2900 series router. This solution will allow Diamlemos to reduce the complexity of on-vessel communications equipment. SmartBox-V will simplify and optimize the vessel´s communications, reduce the costs of managing the equipment, and offer a comprehensive set of crew welfare applications.

Diamlemos Shipping is one of the oldest Hellenic shipping companies. It manages deep sea commercial vessels and owns two offices in Piraeus and London.

Setel Hellas is an international provider of market leading ICT solutions specially designed for the marine and offshore vertical businesses.

Cisco is a worldwide leader in IT. The company´s website is at http://thenetwork.cisco.com.