DialogTech partners with Genesys to convert more callers to customers

Call attribution technology provider DialogTech has partnered with omni-channel customer experience provider Genesys to improve customer acquisition and fuel revenue growth by better aligning their marketing initiatives with call center activity and outcomes, the company said.

The integration allows marketing teams to deliver call attribution and caller profile data captured by DialogTech — including the channel, ad, search keyword and web page that generated the call along with the caller´s name, phone number and location — into Genesys.

Using this data, Genesys routes the call to the best available enterprise resource for the opportunity and also generates a screen pop on the agent´s desktop displaying the caller´s information to ensure a warm handoff. With detailed insights on the caller, agents are able to have effective conversations that are more likely to result in conversions and revenue.

DialogTech provides end-to-end call attribution and conversion essential for data-driven marketers. It serves as a strategic partner to over 5,000 enterprises, agencies, and fast-growing companies across a wide variety of industries.