DialogTech acquires Swydo

DialogTech, the world provider of actionable marketing analytics for businesses that value inbound calls, has announced the acquisition of Swydo, provider of industry-leading digital marketing dashboards, reports and visualizations, the company said.

The acquisition enables DialogTech customers to view their call analytics data alongside their martech and adtech performance data within the DialogTech platform in Swydo-powered reports and dashboards, making it easy to measure KPIs and uncover insights to optimize their marketing across channels.

Swydo´s industry-proven, award-winning reporting, monitoring and workflow platform retrieves data from multiple sources to create professional, customizable reports marketers use to measure KPIs and drive growth. Swydo was awarded Best Search Software Tool in 2016 and Best Reporting & Analytics Software in 2017 by the Dutch Search Awards, and is a Google Technology Partner.