DHL opens 2nd shipping facility in Dallas Metroplex

DHL, the world´s international express services provider, has announced the opening of a new USD 6.2 million, 50,000-square-foot-facility in Carrollton that will serve the East Dallas area, providing international shipments ranging from envelopes and small parcels to palletized and containerized freight, the company said.

The opening of the new facility, the company´s second in the Dallas area, reflects the growth in shipments from businesses in the vicinity that trade internationally as well as a steady growth in e-commerce among businesses of all sizes.

The state-of-the-art facility processes thousands of packages daily through its fully automated sort system and incorporates environmental features such as LED lighting in the 45,000-square-foot warehouse, on/off sensors for lighting to conserve electricity and electric forklifts. DHL vehicles are all fuel-efficient, with some powered by natural gas.

Like many DHL facilities, the Carrollton facility is TAPA-certified. A worldwide coalition of shippers, insurers, and government and law enforcement agencies, the Transported Asset Protection Association is dedicated to fighting cargo crime as a way to ensure the public´s safety.

The Carrollton facility employs 70 workers, including 45 couriers handling pickup and delivery. Among the major customers the facility will serve are technology companies as well as e-commerce businesses.

DHL is a global brand in the logistics industry.