DHL Boeing 757-200 freighter delivers black rhino to Africa

DHL has delivered a three-year-old black rhino named Eliska from its birthplace in the Czech Republic to its natural homeland in Tanzania, the company said.

Three-year-old female Eliska transported on a DHL Boeing 757-200 freighter to a natural park in Tanzania as part of an ongoing conservation project run by the George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust, aimed at helping endangered animal populations to grow and prosper in their natural habitat.

Eliska´s move was overseen by an international DHL team, comprising 40 specialists in areas ranging from ground transportation and aviation to customs clearance and certification across more than five countries. The 900 kilogram female was transferred from ZOO Dvur Kralove in the Czech Republic, where she was born in 2012, to the main DHL European Hub in Leipzig, Germany. She was then loaded on to a dedicated 28-ton Boeing 757-200 freighter, specially modified for animal transport, and flown more than 6,500 kilometers directly to Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania, from where she was transferred by truck to her new home. Along the way, she was accompanied and monitored by a team of support staff, including Dr. Pete Morkel, a black rhino veterinarians.

DHL has supported a number of major conservation projects in recent years, including the delivery of three black rhinos from the UK to Tanzania in 2012 and the delivery of two rare Sumatran tigers from Australia and the US to London Zoo in the same year as part of a breeding program. A 2013 project to transfer two giant pandas from China to a Belgian sanctuary resulted in the delivery of a panda cub.

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