DHI Telecom acquires London-based Tep Wireless

DHI Telecom CEO Wallace Davis has acquired London-based Tep Wireless, a provider of mobile Wi-Fi rentals for UK and US travelers, the company said.

The Teppy rental program has taken off with travelers because of the simplicity of the system. The devices are delivered to users before their trip or can be picked up at various airports and major retailers in the UK, such as Paddington´s in London.

At the end of the trip, Teppy devices can be dropped off at airports or mailed with pre-paid postage. They are also featured on visitbritainshop.com, the official British Tourist Authority site.

DHI´s Sapphire mobile hotspots were originally designed for the military and Department of Defense (DoD).

DHI is a US government telecommunications solutions provider, Army & Air Force Exchange Service, Advanced Telecom concession, and Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command Internet supplier. Sapphire hotspots have been gaining popularity with business travelers and with the acquisition of Tep Wireless, the market for vacation and corporate travelers expands immediately.

For information on Sapphire hotspots and data plans, visit SapphireGo.com or ShopMyExchange.com. Like Sapphire, Teppy uses virtual-SIM technology. Travelers use Tep Wireless to access their personal Internet connection anywhere, at any time, with pocket Wi-Fi. For more details, visit TepWireless.com.