DHI releases international mobile hotspot with advanced CloudSIM technology

DHI Telecom CEO, Wallace Davis has announced the world-wide release of Sapphire Touch, just one year after the release of the original Sapphire International Mobile Hotspot, which sold tens of thousands of devices, the company said.

What´s new is a touchscreen that monitors the data level, and 15 hours of battery life on one charge, which also works as a USB Power Bank. Both devices use the secure, CloudSIM platform.

DHI Telecom started in 2007 and built its reputation on developing reliable, commercial Internet solutions in war zones where troop deployments are made with little notice. Traditional ways of getting cellular service were difficult 11 years ago and remain so. It involves purchasing SIM cards and local data plans for each country.

Sapphire mobile Wi-Fi hotspots create a secure hub that connect five devices to the Internet. This technology enables soldiers and DoD personnel to take the Internet with them to stay in touch with their family and friends back home. No SIM cards are needed, and international data plans for 100+ countries are instantly available online for downloads. The hotspots connect to the strongest cell signal creating a private 4G Wi-Fi hub. In addition to the military, international business and vacation travelers are an emerging market for Sapphire devices.

DHI Telecom is an official US government telecommunications solutions provider, Army & Air Force Exchange Service, Advanced Telecom Division concession, and a Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command Internet supplier.