DFW celebrates Terminal D's 10th anniversary

Dallas/Fort Worth International (DFW) Airport said it has observed 10 years of successful operation for International Terminal D, the Grand Hyatt DFW and the Skylink people mover system.

Since opening in 2005, the three projects have transformed DFW into one of the world´s favorite connecting hubs for travelers and have elevated DFW´s global reputation for excellence.

“When Terminal D, the Grand Hyatt and Skylink opened a decade ago, DFW Airport had a vision to become a world-renowned super-hub,” said Sean Donohue, DFW Airport´s chief executive officer. “While we are pleased with the progress made to expand international service and offer new terminal amenities and conveniences not experienced anywhere else, we´re not resting there. We pledge to continue working to elevate the customer experience and seek future opportunities to serve all of our Airport customers and the Dallas/Fort Worth community.”

The near future for DFW involves major enhancements to the Terminal D experience, specifically plans for new premium retail, spa and food & beverage locations in the first major update to the terminal´s concessions program since it opened. Highlighting those plans is a new duty-free shopping program featuring a two-level, 13,000 square foot primary store that will transform the central area of the terminal and bring in renowned global brands such as Ferragamo, Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Lancôme and Burberry.

Terminal D, the Grand Hyatt DFW and Skylink were built as the major portion of DFW´s Capital Development Program launched in 1999, and collectively cost about USD2 billion to design and complete.