DFS implements Connected World

SaaS market acceleration platform Connected2Fiber has signed an agreement with Dark Fiber Systems, Inc. to implement the platform and leverage the Connected World, Connected2Fiber said.

DFS will also be implementing the Building List Manager, an automated software module for creating and distributing OnNet and NearNet building lists.

DFS is one of the largest competitive fiber operators in Jacksonville, extending its infrastructure over 140 miles and passing more than 2200 commercial locations, wireless towers, data centers and key government facilities. The company´s network infrastructure reach necessitated a location management system incorporating both the identification of fiber paths, OnNet and NearNet buildings, and Connected2Fiber´s demand generation tool, Building List Manager.

The Connected World uses a SaaS based GIS engine for displaying fiber routes, OnNet connected buildings and NearNet locations to visualize and analyze data related to the market. This information is crucial to ensure that network operators are pushing network reach information to key customers and inserting location information into their buying processes in an efficient and ongoing manner.

Dark Fiber Systems, Inc. (DFS) has been serving the Jacksonville market since 1997. Dark fiber does not go through any active or passive equipment, and provides the customer with a completely private network without bandwidth limits.

Connected2Fiber helps the network industry transact and improve its return on sales & marketing investment with the industry´s only SaaS marketplace enablement platform that combines account-based marketing, location intelligence with predictive algorithms that learns how to improve results. The company is based in Hopkinton, MA, and was founded in 2015 by Ben Edmond.