Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier relaunches Lambda Connect

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, the international wholesale arm of Deutsche Telekom, recently deployed Ciena´s (NYSE: CIEN) WaveLogic Ai coherent optical solution to strengthen bandwidth services and reach longer distances across Deutsche Telekom´s network, the company said.

With this move, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier highlights its commitment to excellence by combining technology leadership with business innovation to deliver first-class customer experience. The optimized network brings the next generation of the organization´s Lambda Connect services to market.

Optical innovation, expansion of network capacity and deployment agility enables highly differentiated services for customers and provides the flexibility, security and cost-efficiency customers need in today´s dynamic environment.

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier is the international wholesale division of Deutsche Telekom.

Ciena is a networking systems, services, and software company that provides solutions that help clients create more adaptive networks in response to the constantly changing demands of their users.