Design Interactive improves X-Ray screening at Portland Airport

Design Interactive´s ScreenADAPT®, a visual search training program developed by the DHS Science and Technology Directorate (DHS S&T) in collaboration with the TSA, has been in use by the Portland (PDX) airport, the company said.

Airport security management has found that ScreenADAPT® improved detection rate and employee morale, to improved safety and security at the airport. The combination of these improvements will directly result in a more efficient and effective security process for passengers, alleviating some of the typical stress associated with travel. ScreenADAPT®´s positive impact on airport operations was recently featured on the DHS website.

ScreenADAPT® is an x-ray training application that uses eye-tracking to measure search performance and identify detection errors. Its adaptive algorithm uses threat characteristics and search behavior data to determine the causes of misses and false alarms, and then adapts training to address a trainee´s weaknesses. The application consists of an eye-tracking sensor to detect and capture eye movement with a desktop app to give instructors and trainees access to unprecedented personalized performance and assessment data, including eye movement and where they are looking on screen.

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