Design challenges in fitness app development and their solutions

Creating an app might not turn out to be for everyone. Not only it requires a certain amount of skill and knowledge but it also needs a massive amount of patience. However, nowadays, apps are a must-have addition for different types of businesses. You can either create one yourself or use a service like to get the job done.

Mobile applications provide new opportunities in expanding your business ventures, especially for the fitness market, since more and more people are starting to use the help of mobile devices while working out. 

If you are a gymoholic and yet share a passion for app development, creating a fitness application won’t be very easy: you will need to get through some difficulties.

However, we’ve prepared a list of design challenges you’ll eventually may end up having in developing your app. Don’t worry, we have come with a few possible solutions as well.

1. Competitive market

More and more people are using their phones for becoming more efficient in working out, therefore more and more apps are starting to appear. This means that the market is getting overcrowded, and you might have some trouble gaining popularity in a sea of fitness application that essentially do the same thing.

So, in order to achieve some success, you’ll have to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Be creative and do something innovative, integrate a feature that not many other apps use.

Also, you will have to construct your project in a way that makes people continuously engaged in the app, that way you are able to create a loyal customer base.

This means that the users will further recommend the app, thus providing you with more popularity.

2. User targeting

Another challenge you might need to take up is that of figuring out which type of people want to use your app. If you chase two rabbits, you’ll catch none.

So, think hard about which market is the most profitable in your case.

People who use the gym, or the ones that prefer to do outdoor cardio?

People who are willing to pay for the app, or the ones that want to get it for free?

Figuring out your targets represent a key factor that will determine your building process.

3. Feedback

One of the most difficult things to deal with in this world are people, they might complain, and that could be potentially fatal for your app if you don’t act quickly.

You can overcome this by making the app as easy to use as possible. Nobody likes scrolling to the menus and end up spending more time on the app, than actually working out. Also, take it as constructive criticism and try to improve constantly on your app, listen to the public’s opinion.


App development can be quite challenging. However, if you arm yourself with skill, patience, and knowledge, your life will get much easier.