Department of Human Services adds exchange to PA patient/provider network

The Department of Human Services´ (DHS) eHealth partnership program has connected Mount Nittany Exchange (MNX) to the PA Patient & Provider Network (P3N), making MNX one of five active health information organizations (HIO) in Pennsylvania, the company said.

Health care providers participating with MNX can now securely access patient clinical data stored with providers elsewhere on the P3N network.

MNX joins St. Luke´s University Health Network´s eVantageHealth and the Keystone Health Information Exchange as a participant in the P3N. Pennsylvania´s HIOs link health care providers within defined geographic areas and govern health information exchange among them for the purpose of improving health care in their communities.

This summer DHS anticipates adding two additional HIOs, HealthShare Exchange of Southeastern Pennsylvania and ClinicalConnect Health Information Exchange. This will ensure all five currently existing HIOs are connected to the P3N statewide.