Denver International Airport to host 2014 Aerotropolis Americas

Officials at Dallas-based airport DFW said they are officially handing over hosting duties for the Aerotropolis Globe event to Denver International Airport.

After the inaugural Aerotropolis Americas Conference and Exhibition in Dallas-Fort Worth, which saw over 300 delegates attend the event, the Aerotropolis Globe was officially handed over to Denver International Airport, who were this week announced as the host of Aerotropolis Americas 2014.

The announcement was made during a handover ceremony at the AACE Farewell Reception, taking place in Dallas at the Hyatt Regency DFW hosted by Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Organisers of the event said that the Aerotropolis Americas Conference and Exhibition is the annual event for the global airport development and real estate communities.

This three-day conference and exhibition serves to build on the concept of the airport city. Aerotropolis Americas will further explore how the broader aerotropolis can drive the economic development of a whole region up to 30 miles from the airport.

AACE provides a learning platform for real estate developers and professionals, planners who are active in airport development, economic development agencies, suppliers and solution providers, cargo and logistics operators and freight-forwarders, airport executives and managers, and others interested in development in and around airports.

The Aerotropolis events are borne out of the Airport Cities Conference & Exhibition which was established over 14 years ago.

Denver International Airport formally unveiled its vision for ´Airport City Denver´ in 2012, whilst hosting the Airport Cities Conference & Exhibition, and is now moving ahead with the planning concept for Colorado´s aerotropolis.

During its 10-year journey around the globe, a number of major international airports and pioneers of the Aerotropolis concept have hosted the Airport Cities conference, including Dubai, Detroit, Rome, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Beijing, Dallas, Memphisand now Denver.

UK-based UBM Live is the organiser of the events.

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