Demand for high-performance 3D security radar driving Echodyne expansion

Echodyne, the manufacturer of innovative, high-performance radars for government and commercial markets, has announced the close of an additional USD 20M financing round, the company said.

Joining previous investors is Vanedge Capital, whose Managing Partner Moe Kermani will be added to Echodyne´s board of directors.

The additional capital will enable the company to meet growing demand for its EchoGuard™ 3D surveillance radar, expand its distribution channels, and continue to invest in breakthrough radar sensors for commercial drones, autonomous vehicles, and other markets.

Echodyne´s patented MESA™ technology creates a platform for innovative radar products for government and commercial customers and allows the company to deliver a true electronically scanning array (ESA) radar at commercial prices.

Echodyne´s radars enable a range of new applications such as affordable ground and air perimeter situational awareness for airports, borders, military bases, and critical infrastructure, and safe navigation of UAS for package delivery, long distance linear inspections, and UTM flight corridors.

Echodyne makes the compact, software-defined, solid-state, true electronically scanned array (ESA) radar sensor. For more information, visit: