Delvv Android lock screen gives users one-swipe access phone programs

Mobile app developer Delvv has launched Defumblr, a smart lock screen that unifies communications and gives users one-swipe access to their most important information and apps, the company said.

Powered by machine learning, Defumblr identifies and presents information in a bite-size, actionable format.

In August 2015, Delvv´s Mobile Overload Survey found that many Americans feel overwhelmed and frustrated by continuous feeds of irrelevant information pushed at them by their smartphones. The survey revealed that push notifications are often poorly targeted or irrelevant, leading 49 percent of respondents to manually customize notification settings for their apps.

Defumblr organizes information into widgets that appear as colored circles on the Android lock screen. Defumblr currently offers 17 customizable widgets.

Defumblr is now available for free at

Delvv is building the next generation of mobile apps to tackle information overload. Silicon Valley-based Delvv was founded in 2013.