Delta offers alternative to mandatory face mask policy

Delta Air Lines has announced an alternative to its mandatory face mask policy for passengers who claim medical reasons prohibit them from wearing face covering, the company said.

Through its Clearance-to-Fly process, Delta Air Lines offers passengers the option of a health screening immediately before boarding an aircraft.

Since the Centers for Disease Control recommended face coverings for everyone while in the public, a vocal minority claimed they shouldn´t be required to wear one. Citing HIPPA and the Americans with Disabilities Act, some individuals will claim to have a medical condition, which would be aggravated by a face mask, yet would not be required to disclose why.

After checking in, those flyers must go through a virtual medical consultation facilitated by a Delta employee with a third-party medical professional.

If the visit is successful, the flyer will be given an exemption to board the aircraft and fly aboard the airline without wearing a face mask. However, those who do not pass the virtual visit, or falsely claim to have a medical condition or disability, will be barred from flying with the airline until the face covering requirement comes to an end.

The only exemptions are allowed for young children who can´t maintain wearing a face covering, or unaccompanied minors flying with the carrier.