Delta and Aeromexico partner to focus on consistent travel experience

Delta has announced a partnership with Aeromexico in a joint cooperation agreement that will focus on providing their customers with a seamless experience when traveling between the two airlines, the company said.

Over 3.2 million Delta and Aeromexico customers connect across the trans-border network every year. By looking at all aspects of the customer journey together, and using technology to enhance the digital experience, the two airlines have established a foundation to benefit their shared customers by aligning products, polices and services.

The experience starts with technology. When technological tools don´t talk to one another, customers experience gaps in service. Ensuring these journeys are free from technological roadblocks is the first step to ensure a great experience from the moment of booking, and in every step where airlines interface to serve the customer along the way.

The two airlines have eliminated 83% of the service differences between them, ensuring consistency in processes and services — which is key to a stress-free connection experience.