Delta Airlines supports fight against human trafficking

A recently report from Polaris builds a case for corporations to combat human trafficking, calling for airlines to take action in the fight against human slavery, said Delta Airlines.

The report shows that 71% of trafficking survivors traveled on planes to the United States during the recruitment process, and almost 40% of victims flew at least once during their periods of exploitation.

Delta Airlines reported it is not new to the fight against human slavery. As a leader in the fight since 2011, the report calls out Delta´s strategy as a model.

Last fall, the airline gave a USD 1M donation to the organization´s National Human Trafficking Hotline — a resource for survivors and communities to use to report suspected cases of trafficking. The Hotline, which has been in operation for 10 years, has seen a 19% increase in calls since Delta´s sponsorship in September.

Additionally, over 48,000 cases reported to the Hotline were aggregated as a resource for creating the recent report.

The airline´s partnership with Polaris allows customers to get involved by donating miles to bring survivors home or to safety. Delta is matching the first million miles.