Delta Air Lines bars 100 flyers for not wearing face masks

Delta Air Lines has announced more than 100 flyers have been barred from boarding their aircraft because of non-compliance with the airlines´ face mask policy, the company said.

The airline was among the first to enforce face coverings on all flights, and recently introduced a new option for those claiming they could not wear a mask.

Delta Air Lines´ chief executive has a message for all flyers: If you can´t wear a mask, you can´t fly. According to Bastian, the airline is aggressively enforcing the face mask rules for the airline. To those ends, he claims Delta´s no-mask ban list currently has over 100 flyers.

With Delta´s Clearance-to-Fly rules, passengers who are found filing a false claim about face masks can face suspension of flight privileges throughout the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.