Deer Jet makes its appearance in Paris

The 787 Dream Jet, which is the first one all over the world came to Paris on June 28, 2017 and started its three-day itinerant exhibition of Paris Station, which is called “Dreams Encounter the World”, the company said.

Again, Deer Jet shows the customers worldwide the art style of top and upscale business travel provider in the capital of fashion and art.

Deer Jet has conducted its global itinerant exhibition for worldwide market since last September when the 787 Dream Jet came into service. The 787 Dream Jet has flying across seven cities in Asia, Europe, Africa, North America; it adds the local culture essence at different legs of the itinerant exhibition, combines the art and travel perfectly, and make all the guests who is personal on the scene full of praise.

The 787 Dream Jet takes 787-8 as the prototype, which is designed by the famous French aircraft interior stylist, Jacques Pierre jean who took two years and a half to design. It is the only corporate aircraft 787 which started commercial operation around the world and processed by Hainan Airlines Group. Deer Jet, the professional corporate aircraft company subordinated to Hainan Airlines Group, registered the aircraft in BAS Guernsey by its Hong Kong branch to provide a more comprehensive service for the global upscale business travel market.

Deer Jet has been in operation since 1995, becoming the biggest business aviation company in Asia in 2001.

There is a big demand for the 787 Dream Jet in international market now. In order to enhance the service capacity, Hainan Airlines Group proclaimed that they would import the second dream business liner 787 BBJ and hand over operations to Deer Jet so that Hainan Airlines Group could organize the biggest fleet in the world and take up the bigger portion of the international upscale business travel markets.