Deer Jet, HNA Hospitality Group provide worldwide joint rewards programme

Deer Jet and HNA Hospitality Group have launched a joint rewards programme for travellers worldwide, the private jet company said.

With the agreement between the two companies, customers can accumulate and redeem points across services and products of both companies.

Additionally, the loyalty programme will allow customers to access a broader range of products to exchange with rewarded points.

HNA Hospitality Group´s hotel rewards programme is already linked to other royalty programs of its family of airlines and travel agents, including the 7-Star carrier Hainan Airlines.

Deer Jet, a private jet company of China, serves global leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and royal families.

In September 2016, Deer Jet added the 787 Dream Jet to its managed fleet.

Deer Jet is the high-end travel company of HNA Group.