DeepBrain Chain's AI training net to go live August 8

Decentralized AI computing enterprise leader, DeepBrain Chain (DBC), announced its A.I. Training Net will officially go live on August 8, 2018, the company said.

With the recently activated Skynet Project and soon the A.I. Training Net, DeepBrain Chain will help A.I. enterprises take off globally, lowering their computing cost, while accelerating their products´ time to market.

A.I. Training Net is a core function in the DeepBrain Chain R&D team´s development. It is a platform that consolidates computing resources and carries out matchmaking for computing power providers and computing power requesters.

The demand side can find a suitable GPU power supplier in the A.I. Training Net according to their training needs, and then pay the supplier DBC token to acquire the usage rights at a much lower rate than through conventional means. Computing power suppliers can download installation package software on DeepBrain Chain´s official website, deploy nodes on the A.I. Training Net, and share their idle GPU power with the entire network.

In June, DeepBrain Chain announced the activation of Skynet Project, recruiting A.I. computing power from all over the world, building a globally decentralized A.I. TestNet will strengthen the foundation for the upcoming MainNet.

Benefits include having the priority to join DeepBrain Chain´s MainNet as computing nodes; higher chances at being elected as consensus nodes; and use the computing resources from other TestNet nodes on the platform for free. This is a one-time chance with a small investment.