Dedrone's counter-drone technology approved by the UK

Dedrone has been awarded certification from UK´s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI), the company said.

Dedrone´s counter-drone technology platform DroneTracker detects, tracks, and identifies drones by using multi-sensor capability combining RF, radar, and optical sensors. The new CPNI drone detection standard is the first official validation of counter-drone technology. It enables organisations deemed to be of critical national importance to adopt drone detection technology with the assurance that it has been tested rigorously.

The company´s multi-sensor system enables security providers to match the best-in-class sUAS (small Unmanned Aerial Systems) detection hardware with the DroneTracker software. Radio frequency sensors, including the RF-100 and RF-300, provide flightpath, localization, and classification of sUAS. A PTZ camera system adds localization information via optical and thermal detection, whilst a 3D radar system adds altitude data and detection of autonomous drones. Hardware data was analysed by DroneTracker 4.1, which provides a near-instantaneous decision regarding whether a drone is a threat and allows security personnel to respond accordingly.

Dedrone is a provider of market and technology airspace security. The counter-drone platform combines hardware sensors and machine-learning software, providing early warning, classification of, and mitigation against drone threats.