Decosta Marketing to join Malar Group

Decosta Marketing Inc. has merged into Malar Group of Companies, a strategic plan that has been in the works for over a year, the company said.

For the 17-year old Toronto company, this move sparks a progression from a national agency to a full-service global communications corporation, rebranded as Decosta Global, now with a resource pool of thousands of personnel across multiple organizations.

Decosta will operate as a full-service international communications agency while continuing to work hands on with Hollywood A-listers, entertainment and lifestyle brands. The global presence of the Malar network of companies also increases the number of organizations, customers, and support teams, joining Decosta Global.

Decosta will now have a global resource team of developers, engineers, technologists and designers totaling over 500 employees, and 15 offices around the world. The company will also have a 24/7 call centre with over 150 employees to support outbound sales and clients who require telephone, email, or chat support.

Decosta is a brand management company with locations in Toronto, Ontario and Los Angeles, California.

A Canadian group of corporations which holds ownership interest in over 15 companies that includes Connex Telecommunications Corporation, Dependable IT, AC Technical Systems, Dyna Lync, Pneutech Rousseau Group, OSSIM, and Pulse among many others, with fortune 500 companies as customers and vendors in various sectors. The Malar Group of Companies are also continuously involved in various charities to improve living conditions and community welfare in various regions of the world.