DecisionLink delivers value management platform

DecisionLink has announced that the DecisionLink ValueCloud® has been named and certified by Vendor Neutral in a brand new category: customer value management, the company said.

Customer value management (CVM) uses metrics to ensure high levels of value are delivered to every customer based on their needs throughout the life of the relationship. Managing customer value as a practice and with an enabling application allows enterprises to treat customer value as a strategic asset and win business and retain customers more often; decrease discounting, accelerate deal cycles, market and showcase value, price more effectively and reduce churn.

DecisionLink´s ValueCloud® augments CRM systems and efforts by providing the missing link to elevating conversations, establishing “trusted advisor” status with customers, and forging long term customer relationships.

The need for the discipline is further evidenced by big-brand solution companies embracing customer value management and subscribing to DecisionLink´s ValueCloud®. In each of the last 10 competitive battles, DecisionLink´s ValueCloud® has been declared a winner over simpler less comprehensive “value selling” tools. Brands like Caterpillar, CrowdStrike, DocuSign, Marketo and most recently ServiceNow, to name a few, are turning to ValueCloud® to enable go-to-market transformation by enabling higher level conversations focused on value versus price.

ValueCloud® is helping companies achieve “trusted advisor status” in the early stages of the relationship, throughout the implementation when value can be checked, and at the later stages at renewal time, when value achievement can be validated.

DecisionLink´s ValueCloud® is the first and solution for enterprise-class customer value management. The ValueCloud® enhances the value of CRM systems by providing the missing link to elevating conversations and shifting relationships from tactical to strategic by providing value insights from initial sales call all the way through to contract renewals. For more information, visit