DecaWave Partnership Program adds BluFlux

DecaWave said it has added BluFlux to its Partnership Program.

The program is designed to create an ecosystem of partners, such as BluFlux, with expertise in DecaWave´s location technology, to provide technical and application knowledge to help companies design tailored and off-the-shelf solutions to reduce development costs and time to market.

BluFlux is a full-service RF design and test company that helps wireless product developers optimize the performance of new designs based on the DecaWave real time location systems (RTLS) chipset. BluFlux offers UWB antenna design, antenna testing, wearable device optimization, and over-the-air (OTA) testing, among other services.

The partners leverage DecaWave´s DW1000 chip to design innovative micro-location-based products. The DW1000 operates at data rates of 110Kbps and 6.8Mbps, and can locate tagged objects both indoors and outdoors with 10-cm accuracy.

BluFlux joins eight other companies in the Partnership Program: Agilion (Germany), Ciholas (USA), IDOLINK (S. Korea), Open RTLS (Netherlands), Red Point Positioning (USA), RTLS LLC (Russia), Sewio (Czech Republic), and WoxuWireless (China).

DecaWave is a pioneering fabless semiconductor company developing a family of integrated circuit products called ScenSor, compliant to the IEEE802.15.4a standard, which can identify the specific location of any object, person or thing at a very competitive cost, very low power and with a required level of precision and reliability never achieved before (+/-10cm).

Located in Colorado, USA, BluFlux is a concept-to-launch RF design, engineering and test company that helps accelerate the release of connected products. The company provides advanced antenna consulting for UWB, RF, cellular, wearable and automotive connected devices as well as expertise in indoor, real-time location systems (RTLS), low-power radar, micro-location, motion detection and through-wall imaging.