DE-CIX New York surpasses 200 network connections

DE-CIX, the world´s Internet Exchange (IX) operator with the fastest-growing IX in the New York metro area, has exceeded a key milestone of 200 unique Autonomous System Number (ASN) networks taking the number one position as the largest Carrier and Data Center-Neutral Internet Exchange in New York, the company said.

Accentuating this key milestone is that nearly fifty percent or 95 of the networks are exclusively available via DE-CIX in New York and 75 networks are only available in North America via DE-CIX New York.

Amplifying DE-CIX New York´s capabilities is the company´s GlobePEER Remote solution, a turnkey VLAN connection service to DE-CIX Internet Exchanges throughout Europe. With this service, networks connected to DE-CIX New York can peer with networks locally connected on DE-CIX European Internet Exchanges without having to buy transport, a remote port or even a local cross-connection.

DE-CIX New York is also the only Open-IX certified and carrier and data center-neutral IX in the market and one of two managed by DE-CIX North America. DE-CIX Dallas, the second DE-CIX North America location, is the region´s fastest-growing carrier and data center-neutral Internet Exchange enabling improved network performance for operators throughout the Southwest and Mexico via transport connections as well as those local in Dallas.

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