DDC-I, Mocana launch integrated COTS platform for military, commercial avionics

DDC-I and Mocana have announced an integrated platform for avionics security that combines DDC-I´s Deos certifiable safety-critical real-time operating system (RTOS) with Mocana´s IoT Security Platform, Mocana said.

The integrated, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) platform enables avionics developers to equip their safety critical systems with advanced security capabilities, such as trusted boot and firmware upgrades, certificate management, cryptography, data transport, and device-to-cloud communications.

Mocana provides high-performance, lightweight, small footprint, mission-critical IoT software security solutions that enable companies to harden embedded systems and connect safely to the broader world with exceptional visibility and control. Leveraging a full-stack, non-open source software architecture, Mocana´s IoT Security Platform provides trusted boot and firmware updates, as well as secure, high-integrity device authentication, encryption, and device-to-cloud communications.

Deos is an embedded RTOS that has been used in hundreds of safety-critical avionics applications on commercial and military aircraft. The time- and space-partitioned RTOS features deterministic real-time response and employs patented technologies for reducing resource contention.

Founded in 2002, Mocana Corporation provides mission-critical IoT security solutions for embedded systems and the Internet of Things. The company´s software is used by hundreds of companies to secure millions of devices, controllers and embedded systems. Its comprehensive device-to-cloud platform is designed to operate across complex, multi-vendor, multi-technology environments where performance and security are mission-critical.

DDC-I, Inc. is a global supplier of real-time operating systems, software development tools, custom software development services, and legacy software system modernization solutions, with a primary focus on mission- and safety-critical applications. DDC-I´s customer base includes commercial, military, aerospace, and safety-critical industries. DDC-I offers safety-critical real-time operating systems, compilers, integrated development environments and run-time systems for C, C++, Ada, and JOVIAL application development.