DB Networks to provide additional database infrastructure insights

According to a recent Verizon Business´ Data Breach Investigations Report, 75 percent of all breached records originated from compromised database servers. Proper database protection requires layered protection to prevent the breach of intellectual property, sensitive customer information, and state secrets.

DB Networks offers continuous and deep visibility into the database infrastructure to compliment the functions of Database Activity Monitors (DAM). DAMs provide privileged user and client access monitoring to detect unusual database read and update activity.

DAMs address regulatory compliance mandates such as those defined in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). DAMs were not designed to provide visibility across an organization´s entire database infrastructure. To ensure SOX compliance, organizations should start with an assessment of their database infrastructure including a comprehensive inventory of database instances across all database servers and which client applications their databases are connected to.

DB Networks® innovates database cybersecurity products. Our customers include the world´s largest financial institutions, healthcare providers, manufacturers, and governments.