DaySmart Software Delivers Free Tele-Consultation Service for Salons, Spas Impacted by COVID-19

DaySmart Software has announced the availability of a free tele-consultation service for its 14,000 salon and spa customers, the company said.

Users of Salon Iris software–DaySmart´s premier business management solution created specifically for salons and spas–can now engage with clients virtually to consult on at-home treatments, offer lessons on hair care, make up or hair color and develop new revenue by booking paid tele-consultations. By integrating this service with their existing business management solution, salon and spa owners will be able to effectively maintain client relationships, continue selling products and services and manage the health of their business operations–all from one platform.

The pandemic has forced many businesses to close their doors, and for those that require face-to-face interaction, that impact has been detrimental to their growth. Moreover, hair clipper sales rose by 166% in the last week and at-home hair color increased 23% over the same timeframe from the previous year, according to data from Nielsen.

Recognizing its salon and spa customers faced a significant financial threat from COVID-19–and that their clientele were in need of salon and spa interactions–DaySmart fast-tracked the development of this service and committed to deliver it to current customers at no cost. Using the tele-consultation service, now activated in every current Salon Iris account, salon owners can interact with clientele through this “video face-to-face” feature to offer complimentary consultations on home hair coloring or styling, or to sell customized hair, nail and makeup lessons or advice. Early users of the system have also found it an effective way to maintain contact with employees.

The release of the free tele-consultation service is one of many steps DaySmart has taken to offer assistance to customers impacted by COVID-19. At the start of the forced business closures, the company established free email capabilities and amended their text marketing modules to make it easier for customers to communicate with clients and employees. Additionally, DaySmart launched a partnership with Kabbage, Inc.–an online financial technology company dedicated to small businesses–to deliver customers a streamlined, simplified SBA loan application process. Those interested in applying can visit

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