DataLTE launches LTEOS for North America

DataLTE has introduced a new entertainment system (LTEOS), offering a unified all-in-one experience for discovering and accessing entertainment media (such as TV shows and movies, music and lyrics, sports and live events, weather and news, gaming and gambling from multiple hub applications integrated on the DataLTE LTEOS System, LTEOS PrivilegeVIP & ExclusiveVIP Club Services, the company said.

The online membership system provides one place to access online high definition entertainment and on-demand specialty content, as well as a place to discover new content to watch.

The entertainment system will be available for smart TV´s, streaming media players, game consoles, set-top boxes, blu-ray players, smartphones & tablets, and PC´s & laptops and always stays in sync so that when LTEOS members begin streaming on one device they can easily continue where they left off on their LTEOS sync-devices account membership.