DataLocker announces SafeCrypt encrypted virtual drive for SafeConsole

DataLocker Inc. (, the provider of advanced encryption solutions, has announced the relaunch of SafeCrypt, with a new take on an existing encrypted storage solution, the company said.

SafeCrypt is a storage agnostic, cross-platform compatible, virtual drive that provides a layer of military grade, AES 256-bit encryption for data no matter where it´s stored.

DataLocker is known for its suite of hardware encrypted storage devices, but today´s organizations store tremendous amounts of information locally, on the web, and on unsecure portable storage devices. In its continuous effort to provide their customers complete and diverse solutions for encrypting data at rest, DataLocker brings you SafeCrypt.

DataLocker is the provider of advanced encryption solutions. With a complete suite of hardware encrypted products, encrypted virtual drive and central management platforms, DataLocker protects sensitive data and intellectual property for governments, militaries and 70% of Fortune 100 companies.