DataDrill upgrades to Evolution 3.3

VT iDirect, Inc., a company of Vision Technologies Systems, Inc., said that DataDrill Communications Inc. has upgraded to iDirect Evolution 3.3 software.

This software upgrade, along with the deployment of X7 remotes, will allow DataDrill Communications to meet high-bandwidth requirements and increase overall network performance in core markets like oil and gas, as well as pursue opportunities in new markets across the globe. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology.

DataDrill Communications´ customers in oil and gas require high-performance capabilities as they monitor onshore communications services such as voice, data and real-time applications. With the upgrade to iDX 3.3, DataDrill Communications will leverage Adaptive TDMA (ATDMA) to design and operate their network based on the capabilities of each terminal and optimally configure the return channel in order to match the conditions of over-the-air links, as well as the constraints of each terminal, allowing DataDrill to boost their network throughput and increase network availability.

This latest upgrade and the deployment of X7 remotes are critical as DataDrill Communications expands into new bandwidth-intensive markets such as mining, government and emergency response. The X7´s DVB-S2 demod chip, along with the waveform enhancements contained within iDX 3.3, helps to improve network performance and throughput. With the added performance boost of the X7, DataDrill Communications can further differentiate into new markets by offering enhanced service plans.

DataDrill Communications is Canada´s leading Oil and Gas IT/Communications service company, operating since 1999. Our services provide connectivity to people, equipment and IT infrastructure in remote locations through our top notch-people and equipment.

VT iDirect, a subsidiary of VT Systems, is a global leader in IP-based satellite communications.