DarkMatter steps into secure communications market

UAE-based international cyber security firm DarkMatter has entered the secure communications market with the introduction of its Voice and Chat application for iOS and Android, the company said.

The application provides end-to-end secure communications, based on the latest advancements in cryptography, cryptographic implementations, and network protocols. It is based on a software and hardware security co-design and incorporates an advanced hardware-based cryptographic chip to ensure security and prevent tampering.

The Voice and Chat application also features secure back-end infrastructure to allow secure communications. It is currently deployed commercially, and has garnered interest from entities in the region.

DarkMatter´s portfolio of secure communications solutions can be customised according to client requirements and installed within their premises. The initial use case of the Voice and Chat application was developed to meet the high security requirements of government agencies.

DarkMatter provides services and solutions to government and commercial clients.