DarioHealth offers USB-C connector configuration

Global digital therapeutics innovator DarioHealth Corp. (Nasdaq: DRIO), has announced that its CE certificate covers a USB-C connector enabled version of the Dario™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System, the company said.

The USB-C connector is used to transfer power and communication signals between Android smart mobile devices and the Dario meter, and ensures that consumers, beginning with the Europe market region, will receive the same quality user experience with DarioHealth on the latest Android smart phone devices.

Android smart mobile device manufacturers differentiate lines of products across their markets aimed at different user populations, with varying product specifications and product price points. The USB-C connector standard is gradually gaining market share over its main predecessor, the micro-USB, in smart mobile devices. By focusing on high-end Android devices, Dario aims to extend its footprint and have the widest market reach. The Dario Blood Glucose Monitoring System is currently used with the Samsung Galaxy and LG family smart mobile Android devices.

DarioHealth Corp. (Nasdaq: DRIO) is a Global Digital Therapeutics (DTx) company revolutionizing the way people manage their health across the chronic condition spectrum. By delivering evidence-based interventions that are driven by precision data analytics, high quality software, and personalized coaching, DarioHealth have developed a novel approach that empowers individuals to adjust their lifestyle in a unique and holistic way.