Dallas upgrades city information phone system with Nuance IVR

The city of Dallas, Texas, has updated its Dallas311 city information phone system with Nuance Communications, Inc.´s (NASDAQ: NUAN) Conversational IVR (interactive voice response) natural language understanding (NLU), the company said.

Historically, Dallas311, the city´s leading source for information, has faced challenges with its caller experience, due in large part to limited IVR functionality and extensive phone trees, which has also led to lengthier calls, higher AHT (average handle time) and higher overall call center traffic. With the new Nuance NLU system, “Easy Speak,” Dallas311 aims to improve the caller experience with an easy-to-use system that allows people to simply say what they want in their own words to get to the information that they need.

By engaging callers in a conversational dialogue and directing them to the right information from the start, Dallas311 intends to reduce the overall time that people spend on the phone, as well as avoid misrouted calls and unnecessary call transfers, both of which can be key areas of frustration for callers. The new system can also help to improve Dallas311 agents´ experience by limiting the time that they spend routing and transferring calls, and allowing them to focus on those calls that require personal attention or action.

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