DabKick feature allows unlimited numbers to watch media together

DabKick said its new Groups feature gives users the ability to enjoy photos, videos and music with an unlimited number of friends in real time.

Groups is unique in that it enables multiple people in a live session to select media collaboratively and watch it together while interacting in real time.

Rather than sending a video link to friends and getting sporadic and sometimes delayed reactions, DabKick users can now invite multiple people instantly to a live, private show on their mobile device, where entertaining photos and videos and various music can be played while everyone watches, chats, talks and laughs together.

Founded in 2012, DabKick is a free mobile communications app that allows people to interact live with friends while watching videos, showing photos and listening to music together. DabKick creates a fun, in-person experience that allows you and your friends to chat live while enjoying media together.